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should resume be one page on website, an elon musk onepage resume sample has made its rounds on the internet supposedly its proof theres never a reason to use two pages first musk could get a job with a resume on a postage stamp second it used nearly microscopic font pro tip now that you know most resumes should be one page your next step is to do it right see the next section for tips on how to make a onepage resume, your resume length can be tricky to figure out monster asked resume experts to help you determine how many pages your resume should be based on your level of experience and occupation read on to see if you should write a onepage resume twopage resume or even a threepage resume, but before you add your latest and greatest skills and accomplishments your brain interrupts with the job seeker debate should your resume be one page or two the answer dear job seeker is , one page resume recruiters do not read your resume they do a 15 30 second spot check of your resume when your resume is too long it just takes your best stuff the stuff that would have made the one page cut and dilutes it with more mediocre content

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you can have a 2 page resume today just listing my past employers takes up an entire page heh i have seen resumes today that are 5 pages long and if the experience is relevant nobody says anything just remember that the top 3rd of your resume is what gets read the most, taken from my growth hacker blog post titled the one page resume myth readability 1 hands down this is the most important factor in determining whether or not your resume will even be looked at

no there seem to be so many rules about resumes that take lawyers sideways and compromise their ability to create an effective document, resume tips should a resume be one page stop focusing on limiting your resume to one page and put your efforts where your resume needs it the notion that a resume needs to fit to one page is outdated, if your resume does go to more than a single page be sure to put your name and page 2 on the second page if you go over to a second page try to fill up at least 75 percent of it, a resume can be two pages but most should be one page thats true for entrylevel candidates and those with less than 5 years experience if the job requires elonmusklevel accomplishments or you cant cram your achievements on one page write a two page resume

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